Amazing Day Trips from Seville: With and Without a Car

There are many reasons to visit Seville; some include being a part of a wonderful gastronomic and cultural week in Seville and others include further exploration of southern Spain. When planning a trip to Andalusia you may start looking at more places to explore and enrich your Spanish holiday. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning architecture, Seville is a fantastic base for exploring greater Andalusia. Whether you have a car or prefer public transport, plenty of amazing day trips from Seville promise unforgettable experiences. Here are some top destinations accessible by bus, train, and car.

Day Trips from Seville Without a Car


A visit to Córdoba is a must. This city is famous for the stunning Mezquita, a mosque-cathedral that showcases a blend of Islamic and Christian architecture. You can easily reach Córdoba by train from Seville in about 45 minutes.

cordoba day trip from seville

Transportation Options:

  • Train: While you can drive to Córdoba, you don’t need a car to discover this vibrant ancient city. Regular trains run from Seville to Córdoba, making it a convenient and quick option for a day trip.
  • Bus: You can just as easily get to Córdoba by bus in as little as 2 hours.


Known for its beautiful beaches and historic old town, Cádiz offers a perfect seaside escape as the peninsula’s most southern coastline. The train ride from Seville to Cádiz takes about 1.5 hours, providing a scenic journey through Andalusia.

cadiz day trip from seville

Transportation Options:

  • Train: Frequent trains connect Seville with Cádiz, making it an ideal day trip destination without needing a car.
  • Bus: Also an option and in just about the same amount of time. Consult the Movelia site for best routes and tickets

Jerez de la Frontera

A visit to Jerez is a must during our Let’s Eat Seville tour for a taste of the local spirit that has made it famous worldwide. For its sherry and equestrian traditions, Jerez de la Frontera is a delightful day trip. It’s about an hour by train from Seville.

Transportation Options:

  • Train: Trains to Jerez de la Frontera run regularly from Seville, offering a convenient and comfortable travel option.
  • Bus: If you prefer buses to trains, you can reach Jerez de la Frontera in a little over an hour.
day trip from seville jerez de la frontera
Jerez de la Frontera


Carmona, with its rich Roman history and stunning Alcázar, is just a short bus ride away from Seville, taking about 45 minutes.

Transportation Options:

  • Bus: No trains run between Seville and Carmona, but several buses are running daily making it an easy and quick trip between 20-40 minutes depending on your location in Seville.


Italica, an ancient Roman city, is famous for its well-preserved ruins, including a massive amphitheater that was used as a filming location for the hit series Game of Thrones. It’s just a short bus ride from Seville, making it a perfect day trip for history buffs and TV fans alike.

Transportation Options:

  • Bus: Italica is easily accessible by bus from Seville, with regular services taking around 30 minutes.

For your train and bus transport needs from Seville, the tools and sites I recommend are

Bear in mind that when using third-party booking apps for the train (or bus), should you need to make changes or run into any problems, you need to go through the app contact to resolve them. A valuable lesson I learned on a trip to Madrid 🙄.

Day Trips from Seville With a Car

So you’ve decided to rent a car while in Seville. Wonderful if you plan to explore beyond the city and are keen on making some stops along the way. The best part of having a car is that your timing is your own. Do keep in mind the rules of driving in Spain as well as parking rules wherever you go. It’s sometimes better to find a parking garage than to have the nasty surprise of a ticket if you poorly park on the roadside. For my car rental needs, I personally always go to

Now where shall we head off for our day away from Seville?


Ronda, perched on a dramatic cliff, offers breathtaking views and historic sites. You can reach Ronda in about 1.5 hours from Seville by car. It’s a city you can easily enjoy on a day trip. Be sure to visit the arena, and the Arab baths, and take in the view as you look across the valley below. Like many places in Andalusia, if you give yourself more time, you are often rewarded with something special – so stick around.

On your way back to Seville from Ronda, another stop worth making is to pass through Setenil de las Bodegas to behold this amazing troglodyte village.

Doñana National Park

Nature enthusiasts will love Doñana National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s roughly an hour’s drive from Seville and is perfect for wildlife spotting and nature walks. The best time to explore the part is in the springtime with cooler temperatures and flourishing flora.

donana national park
Doñana National Park Photo: colimachon, Canva

White Villages (Pueblos Blancos)

Explore the charming white-washed villages of Andalusia, such as Arcos de la Frontera and Grazalema. These picturesque towns are easily accessible by car, about a 1-2 hour drive from Seville.


Antequera, known for its dolmens and stunning landscape, is about a 1.5-hour drive from Seville. It’s an excellent destination for those interested in history and nature.

Huelva (Province)

Huelva is accessible both by bus and car but it is easiest to explore if you go by car particularly if you want to head to the beach. It will take you a little over an hour to reach the sandy shores. Some Sevillanos will argue that Huelva’s beaches are more interesting than Cadiz – at the very least it is less windy. We often head to Matalascañas for a day at the beach. If you are in season, you can find a chiringuitos (beach restaurants) open.

Transportation Tips

For those without a car, Spain’s efficient public transportation system makes it easy to explore. Trains and buses are reliable and offer frequent services to many destinations. Tickets can be purchased online or at the station.

If you prefer the flexibility of driving, car rentals are readily available in Seville. Ensure you have a valid driving license and familiarize yourself with local traffic rules. Driving gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace and discover hidden gems along the way.

day trip from seville
Photo: Marcin Jozwiak, Canva

Seville’s strategic location makes it an ideal base for exploring Andalusia, it’s one of the many reasons why you should visit Seville. Whether you prefer the convenience of public transport or the flexibility of a car rental, these day trips from Seville promise diverse and enriching experiences. Pack your bags, plan your route, and get ready to explore the beauty and culture of Andalusia!

If you’d like more great advice and even a guide through the culinary gems of Seville with some great day trips, join Let’s Eat Seville! A culinary holiday that will get you cooking, laughing, and traveling with food in mind.

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