Experience A Taste of the Camargue: Feria du Riz

Have you ever heard about the Camargue? If not, you definitely should! One of the best opportunities to get to know the region might be visiting it during the Festival of Rice, held each year in Arles. Parades, concerts, bullfights, horse-shows, a food market and a lot more!

10 Surprising Things I Learned About the French

When I came to France to live four years ago, I knew very little about French life. I’d heard tales about how the French were distant and unfriendly. I’d read about French men and their romances. I knew how much the French love their dogs.  

Want to Live Abroad? Learn to Let Go!

Want to move to France? Wondering just how they did it? Do you think about whether or not you could do it? Deborah shares with you 4 things you are sure to have on your mind before the big move.

Why I (Really) Moved to France

A move to a foreign country is hard enough but if you spend the time thinking of the pros and cons, maybe you just wouldn’t go. Deborah shares with us the (real) reason she moved to France.

Confessions of a Cooking School Virgin

When I was a newlywed I loved to cook. Bon Appétit and Gourmet magazines were my favorite nighttime reading materials. Dinner parties with “also-newlywed” guests were opportunities to try out recipes that had been saved on 3”x5” cards and filed in a tin recipe box.

Learning French: How to Teach An Old Brain New Tricks

It seems only natural that you would pick up a few words to travel or live in a country. Could you survive in France without speaking French? Learning a foreign language certainly can be challenging but it is far from impossible Find out 5 secrets to learning French!

Calling All Collectors – Antique Fairs in the south of France

Every day all around France, collectors, amateur collectors and spectators gather at the various brocantes and antique fairs offering a plethora of goods from times past and present. The International Antiques Festival on L’Isle sur La Sorgue is one of those gathering points in the picturesque Vaucluse  where over several days you can indulge in what for some has become a habit. Deborah, our Barefoot Blogger takes us along on the adventure calling all collectors!

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