A Fabulous Week in Uzès – French culinary holiday in southern France

In 2016, when chef Eric & I created The Week in Uzès culinary holiday taking place in and around the medieval city of Uzès in southern France, we never imagined just how successful it would be. This was a unique tour in that we invited a small group of food and wine lovers to join us for a week of hands-on cooking and tasting, & touring in the company of a chef & wine experts. We were able to dive into more complex recipes and techniques that aren’t always as easy to cover in a 1/2-day lesson.

This tour always went beyond just food. It was always about the people and the culture that makes this region, this city, so special to countless visitors. From our market visits to the magical excursions to explore the countryside and this rich history. Uzès holds a special place in our hearts as it was where we called home for 5 years. With our friends and partners, we have been able to bring together a program that is rich in flavor & discovery. This is a culinary vacation of a lifetime shaped by the season, the participants, and French cuisine. Learn more about the fabulous week in Uzès one of our French cooking vacations in southern France.

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