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Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau – Boss lady at Let’s Eat The World! What the chefs don’t do, I do. I arrived in France in 2003 working in the kitchens of a high-end international hotel. It wasn’t long before I began running my own vacation rental business in Paris which I successfully ran for 7 years. While I also have a degree in the culinary arts, you’ll find me planning your cooking adventures rather than being behind the chopping board. Working in hospitality for over 20 years & my thirst for travel and desire to share tips & stories, help shape the tours that you’ll discover at Let’s Eat The World. I’m the creator of your culinary dream where we’re guiding you through cooking & culture-rich travel experiences one bite at a time. Let’s Eat the World together.
Chef Eric Fraudeau – Culinary advisor at Let’s Eat The World. I am a French chef with over 40 years of experience in the food and hospitality industries in France, Mexico, Canada & the USA. I returned to France to embark on new adventures in the place where my career began.

I opened our first cooking school, Cook’n With Class Paris in 2007  offering French cooking lessons to fellow food lovers. We continue to share stories, about French culture through its food, and wine all in a convivial and casual setting. Our cooking family has since grown, and now we bring you culinary tours in France & in Spain, Online cooking classes, & cooking workshops through Let’s Eat The World.

Together we look forward to leading you through French & international cuisines to give you the taste for travel and a love of the good life.

We love to cook and in all our travels, food is always on our minds whether it is when we are enjoying dining experiences from street food to fine dining or partaking in cultural tours to new destinations. When we opened Cook’n With Class Paris in 2007, it was with the idea that true cultural exchange starts at the food market. In 2015, we opened a second school in the medieval city of Uzès in southern France where we continued the tradition of great food and wonderful wine and sharing with visitors from all over the world.


We’ve since moved from France to Spain and continue to pursue our travel and culinary dreams in the beautiful city of Seville in Andalucia. Our culinary repertoire continues to grow as much as our passion for sharing our knowledge with like-minded food & wine lovers. While we’ve grown throughout the years to bring you culinary tours from Paris to Seville, online cooking classes, and culinary workshops,  we’ve kept class sizes small for a cozy, hands-on learning experience. Our passion & generosity continue to be our benchmark and something you can expect from all our offerings.


With this same love of sharing our experiences and recipes in mind, we bring you Let’s Eat the World.
  • Small class sizes
  • A hands-on learning experience
  • Professional English-speaking instructors (Oui, on parle français aussi, se habla español)
  • A convivial atmosphere
  • Generosity
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Our Culinary Experiences

Meet Our Team

Chef Eric Fraudeau


Chef Eric Fraudeau, instructor and owner of Cook'n With Class, brings over 40 years of professional culinary experience acquired both in France and abroad. He enjoys sharing his passion for and knowledge of French cuisine with visiting travelers.

Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau


Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau is the creator of Let's Eat The World - Culinary Experiences for Travel Lovers. An avid cook and culinary student, she is a lover of travel & photography.

Frédéric Duverger


Frédéric Duverger is a certified WSET wine specialist & owner of Cannes You Taste offering wine lovers an opportunity to deepen their knowledge.

Tanisha Townsend


Tanisha is our wine guide in Champagne during our Week in Paris tour and as the woman behind Girl Meets Glass she is more than happy to share her wine expertise to demystify winemaking and wine appreciation.

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