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I’m Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau, the owner and creative force behind Let’s Eat The World! With over 20 years of experience in the culinary and hospitality industry, I’m the mastermind behind your next epicurean adventure.

My culinary journey began in France in 2003, where I honed my skills in the kitchens of a prestigious Parisian hotel. It was not too long after that I branched out on my own to run a successful vacation rental business in Paris, a venture I managed for seven rewarding years. Welcoming visitors and showing them the insider tips that would make their vacation memories perfect and long-lasting, has always been my passion. Despite holding a degree in the culinary arts, my passion lies in crafting your culinary experiences and meticulously tending to every detail behind the scenes.

Driven by a deep love of travel and a desire to share tips and stories, I founded Let’s Eat The World. From food-focused vacations to unique culinary experiences, my goal is to help you explore the world through its delicious cuisine. You can rely on me for insider tips, connections with local chefs and food experts, and a truly unforgettable journey.

A culinary seal of approval

Chef Eric Fraudeau is our culinary advisor at Let’s Eat The World. Owner of the renowned French cooking school, Cook’n With Class in Paris, he brings over 40 years of international expertise to help us ensure that the cooking experiences you will participate in are all chef-approved. Together we bring you not only delicious but also enlightening culinary experiences in France, Spain, Italy, Georgia, and beyond. These vacations, thoughtfully crafted with our partners, offer you a window into the very essence of each culture you visit, from its history to its passions, but above all, its profound love for food.

From food-focused vacations to unique culinary experiences, my goal is to help you explore the world through its delicious cuisine. You can rely on me for insider tips, connections with local chefs and food experts, and a truly unforgettable journey. Come, join us, and Let’s Eat The World together!

Our passion for both food and travel has always been the driving force behind our adventures. Whether we’re savoring street food in bustling markets or indulging in fine dining experiences, or even immersing ourselves in cultural tours of new destinations, the common thread is our love for the culinary arts.

Our company’s journey began in France and has since moved to Spain. We now find ourselves in the enchanting city of Seville, nestled in Andalucia. Our journey continues as we strive to fulfill our culinary dreams while exploring new horizons. Our culinary repertoire keeps expanding, and our enthusiasm for sharing our knowledge with fellow food and wine enthusiasts remains as strong as ever.

Come and be a part of Let’s Eat the World with us, as we embark on a culinary adventure that transcends borders and celebrates the beauty of diverse cultures through the universal language of food.

  • Small Group Sizes: Join our journeys with small group sizes, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience, and the opportunity to connect with fellow travelers.
  • Hands-On Learning Experience: Immerse yourself in a hands-on culinary adventure, where you can actively participate and master the art of cooking.
  • Expert Local Guides: Our expert local guides are there to assist you every step of the way. While our chefs and local cooks may not always speak English, your guide will be fluent and ready to translate as needed.
  • A Convivial Atmosphere: Enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere where you’ll bond with like-minded food and travel enthusiasts, fostering meaningful connections and unforgettable moments.
  • Generosity: Our passion and generosity shine through every aspect of your experience. From the warm welcome to the abundance of knowledge, we are committed to sharing the joys of food and culture with you.

Our Culinary Experiences

Meet Our Culinary Experiences Crew

Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau

Owner/Tour Designer

Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau is the owner & creator of Let's Eat The World - Culinary Experiences for Travel Lovers. With a passion for cultural exchange, this avid cook builds holidays for fellow food & travel lovers looking to get more out of their vacations.

Chef Eric Fraudeau

Culinary Advisor

Chef Eric Fraudeau is our culinary advisor and lead chef. He brings over 40 years of professional culinary experience acquired both in France and abroad. He enjoys sharing his passion for and knowledge of French cuisine with visiting travelers.

Ilaria Bertinelli


Ilaria Bertinelli joins Let's Eat The World for a Let's Eat Parma culinary adventure. Meet the woman behind A Chef for Gaia.

Chef Samuel Rubio Ortega


Spanish-born international chef, Samuel (aka Chef Sam), lights up the kitchens during our Seville experiences with his culinary expertise with just the right accent of Spanish flare.

Frédéric Duverger


Frédéric Duverger is a certified WSET level 3 wine specialist and the owner of Cannes You Taste, a wine that allows wine lovers to deepen their knowledge. He is also a wine supplier with his second company Les Jolies Quilles

Cynthia Coutu


Cynthia Coutu is the Champagne guru. This Canadian-born Francophile has been living in Paris for over 30 years and has dedicated her time to deepening her knowledge of champagne. WSET level 3 certified wine specialist animating our champagne tours.

Karen Bonnet


Karen is our Uzès guide. She is there to ensure that your time with Let's Eat The World is a memorable one. She'll pitch in to help our chef, get you off on your excursions and share with you her personal knowledge of the region, its food, and its wine.

Tamara (Tako) Natenadze


Join Tamara Natenadze on a delightful journey through Georgia. Experience hidden culinary wonders, vibrant culture, & stunning landscapes with our enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide. Every adventure promises joy, discovery, and a taste of Georgian life.

David (Data) Lapauri


Join Data Lapauri on the Let's Eat Georgia tour for a unique exploration of Georgian culture and cuisine. Discover local traditions and flavors with Data, a passionate guide with deep roots in the artistic and winemaking heritage of Georgia.

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