David (Data) Lapauri

Data Lapauri, known affectionately as Data, is a vibrant addition to our “Let’s Eat Georgia” tour guide team. With a background deeply rooted in the artistic and winemaking traditions of Georgia, Data brings a unique blend of cultural richness and spirited adventure to our tours.

While studying law at Tbilisi State University, Data’s passion for event organization and nature exploration flourished. This led him to open Tbilisi’s first hostel and backpacker bar in 2010, turning it into a hub of international camaraderie and cultural exchange. His entrepreneurial journey didn’t stop there; after traveling across 30 countries, Data continued to pursue his passions in Hamburg, immersing himself in Anthropology and Middle Eastern Science studies while honing his skills in hospitality and mixology.

In 2018, Data returned to Georgia, embracing his role as a Culture and Gastronomy guide with The Living Roots. His deep love for Georgian cuisine and wine, combined with his extensive knowledge and charismatic personality, make him an ideal guide for showcasing the hidden culinary treasures of Georgia.

Data’s journey further led him to co-found Dedaena Bar, a popular pre-club and music venue in Tbilisi, and to launch an artisanal distillery producing Soma, a unique Georgian dry gin. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for Georgian culture are infectious, promising an unforgettable and authentic experience for anyone joining the Let’s Eat Georgia tour.

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