A French Desserts Class - Join us for Online French Tart Classes

Treat yourself to a trip to the local French pâtisserie straight from your home kitchen. Learn to make delectable classic French tarts. We're baking chocolate tarts and seasonal fruit tarts. master pastry dough and tart fillings all in this FREE online French desserts class demo.


ONLINE French Tart Classes taught in English

Class Duration: 1 hour
Price per household: FREE

*Number of participants refers to the number of individual connections to our zoom session. You can be multiple people in the same kitchen but we ask that you try not to be more than 2 people as much for your own benefit as for your fellow participants & chef-instructor.

Number Recipes: 1-2 recipes
Times: Times vary according to the date offered. Times listed in CET (Central European Time)


  • Instruction in English
  • Recipes provided before class
  • Cook along with the chef
  • Online baking class – so you cook in the comfort of your own home
  • Learn from an experienced chef

Who doesn’t love a well-made tart?

In our French Desserts – online French Tart demos, we’ll cover a variety of French tarts and pastry dough recipes used to create them. Hands-on and in your home kitchen, follow along with our pastry chef as they guide you through classic (and modern), French tart recipes such as the Tarte Tatin, Tarte au Citron, Tarte aux fruits rouge, and more. We’ll teach you how to make delicious fillings including pastry creams & almond creams using what’s fresh and seasonal. allow us to take you (back or for the first time), to the pâtisseries of Paris for a virtual voyage to a local café.

This class is offered punctually on specific dates so be sure to check the calendar to see when we’ll be hosting the next class. Classes are always listed in CET (Central European Time). If you’re not sure of the time in your time zone, click here.

Note: We need a minimum number of participants to run these classes. The class will be confirmed once the minimum has been reached. Please do let your friends and family know about the class. Should you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you for your understanding.

Why not reserve a private lesson for your friends and family or business group? Gather your friends and family for a private class customized for you. Please note that we need to give participants enough time to prepare for shopping for the class.

Let’s start baking!

The time the class is scheduled is based on CET (Central European Time). While we have tried to calculate the time in a few time zones, we ask that you please ensure you check your time zone

french tarts
The Americas/Europe:

The Perfect Fond de Tarte Sucré
There are several different pie dough recipes to master in French pâtisserie and the pâte sucrée is just one of them. We’re going to show you how to make the perfect pie dough for the most delicious pies you’ve ever had. We will provide you with a lemon meringue recipe but will only demo the tart dough in class. You are free to work on the remainder of the recipe in your own time.

RECIPE: Fond de Tarte Sucré

More recipes and times coming soon . . .

We are offering two time slots but will only maintain one based on the number of participants signed up so gather your friends!.

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