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Hello, I’m Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau. As the owner of Let’s Eat The World, I have a deep passion for both travel and food. I love exploring new destinations, trying new cuisines, and learning about the history and culture behind each dish. I believe that food is an essential part of travel, offering a window into the local culture and a way to connect with the destination in a truly meaningful way.

That’s why I created Let’s Eat The World – to offer a unique travel experience for food and travel lovers like myself. Our goal is to offer small-group culinary holidays that take travelers to destinations all around the world, where they can delve into the local food culture, learn about traditional dishes, and meet local chefs and food artisans. From cooking classes in the Italian countryside to food tours in the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia, our immersive and authentic food experiences are sure to please even the most discerning foodies.

I believe that traveling in a small group is the best way to experience a destination, which is why all of our holidays are designed for groups of no more than 8 participants. This allows for a more intimate and personalized travel experience, where our local guides can cater to your interests and needs. And, of course, it provides the opportunity to make new friends and connect with other travelers who share your love for food and travel.

Our culinary holidays are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of your cooking skills. Our local experts lead cooking classes and food tours, sharing their passion for food and their wealth of knowledge about the local cuisine. You’ll learn about the history of the dishes, the ingredients used, and the cooking techniques, and then put your newfound knowledge into practice by preparing the dishes yourself.

In addition to the food experiences, we also offer cultural activities and sightseeing opportunities, giving you the chance to explore the destination in a meaningful way. From visiting local markets to learning about the ingredients used in local dishes to visiting historic sites and learning about the history of the destination, our culinary holidays provide a well-rounded travel experience that will leave you feeling like you’ve truly connected with the destination and its culture.

So, if you’re a food and travel lover like me, I invite you to join us on a culinary holiday with Let’s Eat The World. Experience the world, one delicious bite at a time, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

2023 Culinary Tour Dates – 2023 Cooking Workshops

Seville 4-day, 5-night tour – March 11-16 (Saturday to Thursday)
Week in Paris  – April 2-7 (Sunday – Friday)
Week in Seville – April 15-22 (Saturday-Saturday)*
Week in Uzes – 22-29 April
Week in Seville – 7-14 May Sunday-Sunday
Week in Uzès – 20-27 May
Week in Uzes – 27 May – June 3
Week in Uzes – 23-30 September 1 Spot left
Week in Paris  – 8-13 October Sunday – Friday FULL

3-day Bread masterclass
In Paris from March 29 to March 31 Wednesday – Friday

*Takes place between Seville’s Semana Santa (holy week) 2-9 April, Feria is 23-29 April, 2023

2024 Culinary Tour Dates – 2024 Cooking Workshops

Parma, ItalyLet’s Eat Parma food tours: June 3-9 2024; 2-8 September 2024; 14-20 October 2024 NEW TOUR!
Uzes, France (Southern France) food tours – Week in Uzès May 4-11 2024 NEW DATE!
Tbilisi, Georgia – Let’s Eat Georgia food tours 20-29 April 2024; 22 June – 01 July 2024; 21-30 September 2024 NEW TOUR!
Paris, France
 – Week in Paris food tours 6-11 October 2024
Seville, SpainWeek in Seville food tours 11-18 May 2024; 2-9 November 2024

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Week in Uzès – Culinary Vacation Provence

6 days of cooking, baking, touring, and tasting. Hands-on French cooking classes. Explore markets, visit producers, and be immersed in French cuisine. All skill levels are welcome. 7-nights lodging included.

From 4754€ /person

A Week in Paris – French Cooking Tours in Paris

5.5 days of pure foodie love. A French culinary tour in Paris filled with food, wine, & cooking? Yes, please! Join our chefs & guides you on a gastronomic journey through French cuisine à la Parisienne, Champagne & wine tasting, & more. Jump in!

From 4350€ /person

4-Day Culinary Tour in Seville

Seville, Spain is calling. Join your chef in this 4-days, 5-night Spanish cooking, tapas & wine tasting tour. A chance to discover the Andalusian capital through its food, music, & dance. Hands-on culinary holiday for cooks of all levels.

From 2850€ /person

3-Day Bread Master Class

This 3-day Bread master class is perfect for anyone who would like to learn how to make, maintain and use a starter. Learn to make better bread at home like a pro. We’ll teach you the techniques you need to beef up your bread-making skills. Open to bakers of all levels.

from 300€ /person for 3 days

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