Learn to Make French Bread with a Professional Chef

Learn to bake-better-homemade-bread. We're bringing good bread back to your table. Learn both about the theory of bread making (yes, it's just as important), as well as practical hands-on bread production during this 3-day bread master class. The purpose of this master class is to learn how to make bread the old-fashioned way, using both hand and machine, with ancient wheat flour. We will make 2 or 3 kinds of bread every morning. We will learn different cooking techniques, different flavoring, and different timing and their consequences on bread-making. JOIN US! December 2, 3, 4 2022 in Seville, Spain

from 300€ /person for 3 days

Bake Better Homemade Bread with us

Classes taught in English

Class Duration: 3 half-days (lunch included each day)
Price per person: 300€- 450€ (ONLINE session at 300€)
Dates & Location(s): TBC

In order for us to provide this program, we require a minimum of at least 4 people. We will review your request and confirm your booking once 4 participants have booked. No payment is required till the dates are confirmed. The course is limited to 7 participants max. Please email us if you need to book more participants.

Note: This course takes place, online and in person in Paris, France & Seville, Spain. Accommodations are not included.


  • Learn essential bread-making terminology
  • Discover how to make your own starter & keep it alive
  • Acquire bread-making techniques using either a starter or fresh yeast
  • Learn to make simple and more complex bread recipes
  • Hands-on baking experience
  • Tasting of bread, including a light lunch
  • Take home your own bread creations
  • Small group sizes (maximum of 7 students)
  • All levels welcome
  • Learn from an experienced French chef in English in a convivial and friendly atmosphere

It’s time to Bake Better Homemade Bread

Our popular 3-day bread masterclass is held in Paris, ONLINE, & in Seville, Spain

The baguette was not made in a day! This famous French bread that so many have come to love and associate with French culture actually takes at least 3 days to make from start to finish. In this bread masterclass, you will learn how to start a starter, how to keep a starter alive, and how to use a starter. We will also use fresh yeast for certain types of bread including but not limited to, hamburger buns and brioche. Come and create flavored bread using seeds and cereals, cacao, figs, walnuts . . .  Each participant will take home the bread he or she has made. We’ll discuss different types of flour and offer examples of where you can find them at home.

At the end of each day, you’ll finish the class with a bread tasting & discuss the bread you’ve produced with a glass of wine, cheese, and a light late lunch.

You’ll be pleased with the results when you start to bake better homemade bread.

Bread Masterclass Locations & Program

We hope you will be able to join us for one of these fabulous workshops. Your 3-day Bread Master Class will run for 3 consecutive dates. Learn to bake better bread in Paris. Join us from the comfort of your home kitchen for an online bread-baking class. Come bake with us in Seville, Spain, and start your journey to better homemade bread.

*Paris location: The 3-day bread workshop takes place in Paris at Cook’n with Class Paris and is proposed in English. We require a minimum of 4 participants in order for the program to run.

** ONLINE: the online sessions take place over 3 consecutive days. We will spend those 3 days concentrating on our bread preparations in 2-2.5 hour sessions with breaks.

*** Seville Location: The 3-day bread workshop in Seville, Spain takes place in the Calle Feria neighborhood. Come enjoy the sunshine with us in Spain and master bread baking. This class will be offered simultaneously in Spanish & English.

En Seville, Spain***) Aprender a hacer pan en Sevilla con un cocinero frances. 3 días de pan de masa madre, levadura, y poolish hasta un buen pana casero. Clases en ingles y español.

Program for our in-person Bread Masterclass:
We’ll be preparing our bread starters using both fresh & dry yeast. We’ll teach you techniques for bringing flavor into your quick bread recipes. This is a hands-on and in-person experience.
Download or view our sample program for our 3-day bread masterclass here.

Same program for the ONLINE session:

Pre-Class Prep: Make your own starter (with accompanying video tutorial)
Day 1: Prepare poolish, old-fashioned country bread with starter and dough for sandwich bread for the next day. Potato bread (prepare the dough and bake)
Day 2:  Prepare Baguette dough: shaping and baking sandwich bread and old-fashioned country bread.
Make burger buns dough and walnut fig dough, brioche dough for kugelhopf
Day 3: Shape & bake baguettes
Shape & bake burger buns and walnut bread
Shape & bake kugelhopf

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