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2020-01-10 23:57:00
This week-long class was the perfect way to spend time in Provence. The village of Uzes and its market are beautiful. Chef Eric and Yetunde knowledgeable, funny and warm; great way to learn about French cuisine and, of course, prepare some amazing, delicious meals.
2021-03-10 01:21:00
French Desserts with Chef Sarah - SO FUN!
I found your online classes on Instagram. The photos and videos posted to the person’s account made it look so fun, so I decided to give it a try. I had no idea what to expect and was a little nervous. IT WAS SO FUN! It’s the coolest thing to be in class in Los Angeles while the instructor is in Paris. Chef Sarah was easy to understand, personable, and fun! She was encouraging, reassuring, and provided positive feedback. She said something I will never forget..."the two most important things you can have in the kitchen are technique and confidence." So true! She said this in response to my fear of scrambling my eggs when I whisked them into the hot chocolate (no scrambled eggs here – success!). I still can’t believe I made a meringue, used a double boiler situation without scalding myself, and created a lava cake that actually oozed chocolate! I can’t wait to take another class. Thank you, Cook’n with Class and Chef Sarah!
2020-10-31 21:54:00
Zoom Cooking Class
What a fantastic experience! Chef Eric was highly organized and insightful in his instruction. The pace of the class was well thought out, and the end result was delicious!
2020-10-05 13:01:00
Great Class
My friend, Kimberly, and I loved our virtual cooking class with Chef Patrick. It was a great experience resulting in a wonderful meal, including profiteroles! We look forward to our next class. Thank you so much.
2020-09-04 19:13:00
Fantastic Bouillabaise
Hi Eric, I wanted to say that we enjoyed attending the Bouillabaise class, but enjoyed eating it even more! It was great seeing both you and Yetunde again and having a wonderful meal. It was almost as much fun as the week in Uzes in 2019. We were able to make a few modifications of the ingredients without impacting the final result. Here in the US, it's really hard to get shrimp and fish with the heads still on... but I'll book with more advance notice next time so I have more time for shopping. I'm looking forward to doing another class with you soon!
2020-09-04 03:44:00
French cooking with friends - Sun 30 Aug’20
Thanks to Chef Eric and Yetunde for an enjoyable experience via Zoom from Uzes to Victoria, Australia. It was great to share the experience with long standing friends during our current Covid lockdown arrangements. The choice of menu was great and we learnt new methods and produced some outstanding results under Eric’s directions. Thanks to our friends Rosemary and Garry for organising such a great experience that I would recommend to anybody who is a Francophile at heart. Bon appetite Cheers and hopefully we will be back for more.
2020-09-01 02:43:00
Great class
Dear Eric & Yetunde, thank you for a most enjoyable cooking session on Sunday. It was a great experience to share it with our friends. The 3 recipes were all delicious and we will certainly be making them again -although we were a bit nervous about flaming the Grand Marnier for the crepes! The vegetable provencal tatin was a standout. We would love to do more cooking with you.
2020-08-10 21:31:00
Bouillabaisse extraordinaire!
My friend Sandra and I loved our class with Chef Eric and Yetunde. Mille mercis! So much fun and the hubbies joined us afterwards. If that tagine class wasn't at 3:00 a.m. Canada time, I'd be doing that as well! Sorry to miss the French tapas class.
2020-08-10 03:35:00
Great class!
I recently enjoyed an online virtual cooking class in my own kitchen and learned new techniques and made dishes I previously found intimidating. It was a great class, resulting in a delicious meal and I would highly recommend.
2020-07-29 21:17:00
Love the interactive style and limited group size!
I’ve taken a few cooking classes online and our class with Chef Eric was the best by far! This class definitely gave us new ideas and techniques, plus a nice measure of French eating and culture tossed in! The team of two helped make sure everything went smoothly--they kept track of how everyone was doing and we could see everything clearly on screen from a couple views. It was action-packed, but with our pre-work in measuring ingredients it all came together in real time. I wish I could be in Paris or Uzes, but alas this is the next best option. The small class size is critical to a meaningful experience. We are already signed up for another class! Can't wait!
2020-07-27 09:52:00
Fun cooking !
My husband and I joined an online cooking class with chef Eric recently. It was very well organised with plenty of information sent beforehand by email with the list of ingredients to buy and equipment which you'd need. Although I am hopeless at cooking, we were able to complete a decent quiche and lovely strawberry tart, both with homemade pastry! Amazing! I recommend having all the ingredients ready beforehand (cleaned and weighed) as the pace is steady and it's very helpful to have everything ready at hand at the start of the class. While this coronavirus is still giving us trouble, it's lovely to be able to learn to cook in your own home with a friendly professional chef who's working along with you and shows you how he does everything. Great fun and you have a meal at the end of it ! And the fees are very reasonable!
2020-12-14 14:52:00
Macarons with Chef Sarah
Professional, fast paced, fun, highly interactive, with personal guidance and instruction every step of the way!
2020-11-08 10:53:00
Holy Macaron! What a fun class!
Difficult cookie to make but thanks to Sarah's excellent guidance and above all, patience, I managed to make my favourite Parisien treat. It was a great way for me and my BFF from Kansas to do something fun while being kilometers apart. Thanks again Sarah! And to all reading, just be sure to measure out all your ingredients before starting.
2021-04-25 17:44:10
More French Desserts
Since I posted my first review, I've taken four additional French desserts online classes with Chef Sarah. All have been so fun and such a fantastic learning opportunity. Chef Sarah is great - fun, kind, genuine. She takes the time needed to ensure all understand, while also providing important tips and tricks and personal anecdotes that reenforce the baking technique. I can't wait to take more classes. Thank you!
2020-12-22 14:26:00
So much fun!
I’ve enjoyed all the classes I’ve taken online with Cook’n With Class. I’m learning so much and improving my pastry making skills while having a lot of fun. Why take the class instead of just looking up free videos on You Tube? First, you are going to get authentic French recipes, which isn’t the case on the free sites. Second, you are going to get coaching on techniques and pro tips that are so valuable as you are making your recipes. Third, you are going to get personalized feedback and help to improve. Chef Sarah and Chef Eric are so knowledgeable and great teachers! Looking forward to more classes in 2021!
2020-11-23 20:24:00
Recreate French classics in your own kitchen!
I have ALWAYS wanted to make cassoulet, but didn't trust that any of the American cookbooks I referenced would really give me the authentic flavors and processes to get close to the real thing! Chef Eric is as patient and helpful as can be, making sure we are all keeping up, and throwing in tidbits of French cooking lore as he helps his students succeed. It was an amazing experience - A spectacular beet carpaccio with goat cheese cream and walnuts, cassoulet extraordinaire, finishing with chocolate mousse with a light orange sauce. Magnificent!
2020-12-16 19:53:00
Not what I expected. Chef Sarah is probably an excellent pastry chef, but there was nothing in this experience that I could not have gotten from reading a recipe or watching a YouTube video. I expected some anecdotes and stories from the perspective of a professional French chef. Nothing. Just directions and an occasional observation on how we shouldn't expect to be able to do things as quickly or as well as she does. OK, she did share one "anecdote" about how she did something better than everyone else in a class or group she was in. In terms of the class itself, it went very quickly. I signed up for the class at the last minute and didn't complete the prep work, so some of the feeling of being rushed was my fault, but I think it would have been too fast for me even if I had premeasured everything. Also, the meringue was described as an optional part of the recipe - the class material recognized that some people might not have the equipment they needed to do meringue properly (and I did not) - but it seemed that a very substantial portion of the class time was devoted to this optional step. Taking the class via Zoom was also challenging and did not enhance the experience, although that certainly wasn't Chef Sarah's fault.
2020-11-20 00:06:00
Loved the bistro class
We have already added all three dishes to our “family favorites” list of dishes
2020-11-16 13:17:00
French Bistro from home!
So much fun! The dishes were amazing - well organized and the 2 hours flew bye! My family loved the dinners! Chef Eric was great - a definite do again!!!
1970-01-01 00:00:00
A great experience!
A great experience!
2020-01-05 20:19:11
Great week
Great week cooking in Paris Review of Cook' n With Class Paris This was the second week long course I have taken. We made a large variety of main dishes which included beef, veal, squid, and chicken(rooster actually for coq au vin). The most amazing meal of my life at La Table d'Eugene and a great day trip to Reims. Date of experience: November 2019
2020-10-14 21:31:00
Who knew gluten free could taste so good?!
I have now taken two classes with Chef Sarah, both as they were gluten free - macarons and French desserts. Both were fantastic and the passion fruit Succès is one of the nicest things I’ve ever had! Chef Sarah is patient and more than happy to answer questions and obviously knows her craft well. Would recommend these classes to anyone!
2020-01-10 23:57:00
This week-long class was the perfect way to spend time in Provence. The village of Uzes and its market are beautiful. Chef Eric and Yetunde knowledgeable, funny and warm; great way to learn about French cuisine and, of course, prepare some amazing, delicious meals.
2019-12-28 11:47:00
Heaven in Provence
Week in Uzès
2019-12-27 00:11:00
Week in Uzes
We very much enjoyed our week in Uzes. The accommodations were spacious and in a relaxing environment. Yetunde and Eric provided a first class experience from the cooking classes to the excursions. I had a goal to learn how to prepare fish and cook more Mediterranean dishes. This week absolutely provided me with that opportunity.
2020-01-05 20:19:11
Great week
Great week cooking in Paris Review of Cook' n With Class Paris This was the second week long course I have taken. We made a large variety of main dishes which included beef, veal, squid, and chicken(rooster actually for coq au vin). The most amazing meal of my life at La Table d'Eugene and a great day trip to Reims. Date of experience: November 2019
2020-01-10 23:57:00
This week-long class was the perfect way to spend time in Provence. The village of Uzes and its market are beautiful. Chef Eric and Yetunde knowledgeable, funny and warm; great way to learn about French cuisine and, of course, prepare some amazing, delicious meals.
Review On:
2019-12-28 11:47:00
Heaven in Provence
Week in Uzès
Review On:
2020-11-06 15:14:00
Very enjoyable afternoon
Chef Patrick and Yetunde were fabulous hosts for a wonderful online afternoon cookery class. The food we made was delicious and I would highly recommend the experience, thank you.
2020-12-19 23:44:00
Never Dissapoints!
As usual, Chef Eric put together a great menu and taught us new and interesting techniques. Simple, well demonstrated class.
2019-12-28 11:47:00
Heaven in Provence
Week in Uzès
2020-05-11 21:34:00
Turned instant French chef.. Ooh la la
Chef Eric and Yetunde sent clear and easy to follow recipe and technology preparation prior to the class. They made adjustments to cater for my dietary preferences without compromising the quality of the meal. I had a group session with other people in different cities around the world making a leek and goats cheese tart with our own individual little twists. Chef Eric was very knowledgeable, patient, easy to follow, gave tips and helped to understand the reasons behind the various cooking techniques. We were all able to ask questions and show our cooking every step of the way. It was a fantastic and interactive way to meet and learn from new people, learn new cooking skills and have an enjoyable gourmet lunch led by my 'personal' French chef - all served up in the comfort of my own kitchen! Thank you so much. I will definitely be doing this again!
2019-12-27 00:11:00
Week in Uzes
We very much enjoyed our week in Uzes. The accommodations were spacious and in a relaxing environment. Yetunde and Eric provided a first class experience from the cooking classes to the excursions. I had a goal to learn how to prepare fish and cook more Mediterranean dishes. This week absolutely provided me with that opportunity.
16-08-2020 05:16 pm
Market Class Uzès
Excellent content, involvement and structure
2021-12-20 14:06:50
3 Day Bread Masterclass
We spent 3 days making wonderful bread including baguettes, wholemeal load with various seeds and grains, chocolate loaf, starter dough and much more. the classes were lively and great fun. There's plenty to learn about the science and art of bread baking. Eric the chef for master boulanger is very professional and knows his dough. He and his team also make a great lunch accompanied by some good local wines. Luckily I came by bike! If you like bread you should do this course! Highly recommend.
2022-01-30 07:49:45
Master Break Making
I had just moved to an extremely remote town in France in 2018 and it was over an hour's drive to get "good" bread. I took Eric's 3 day "Bread Master Class" and now I am known in my area as "the baker". We learned to make bread in every possible form, plus I learned bread making terms that have become invaluable. Laminate every recipe you get from Eric as you will use them the rest of your life, from the bread to the daily lunch. This is THE best bread making class I have taken, Eric is an excellent teacher with years of knowledge that he generously shares. He makes bread making look easy and once you "get it" it is easy. The three days pass too quickly but your head, heart and stomach are full for life!!!
2021-03-09 20:46:34
Excellent experience
We cooked together with friends connecting virtually and all following the instructions of chef Eric. Great recipes and absolutely amazing tasty food at the end! We felt like chefs too:)
2020-12-28 01:47:00
Best Birthday Present ever
We booked a private cooking class with Chef Eric btw US and Germany and South of France. Not only was the food incredible and fancy, Chef Eric was so kind and funny and patient. My elderly in laws followed along easily and the steps were not too difficult. In the end, they left the zoom open so the family could eat together. Such a wonderful experience. We made the leftovers in the same way the next day, delicious. And we learned a lot!! Thanks so much Chef!!
2020-11-19 21:01:00
Virtual cooking class with Chef Sarah
I organized a private cooking class for my family and friends with Pastry Chef Sarah Tyler. We all had a wonderful and very successful experience cooking with and learning from Sarah. Not only is she an excellent chef, she is also a terrific teacher. Yetunde provided the technological support and information needed to make the class run smoothly. I highly recommend this unique on line opportunity to learn from talented French chefs at Cook'n with Class and I am looking forward to booking another class in the future.
2020-06-26 15:29:00
Cooking at home
I had a wonderful afternoon with Chef Eric learning about some delicious French dishes. Really enjoyed the experience
2020-06-11 11:29:00
This was my first virtual cooking class. Eric was the consummate professional - listening, sharing his knowledge and managing to make it look easy! I loved the class and enjoyed sharing this with a group I’d never met. It made me wish I was doing it with my friends and family:)
2020-05-14 12:49:00
Fun Virtual Cooking Class with Chef Eric
I recently attended a virtual cooking class with Chef Eric and had so much fun. He knows how to pick recipes everyone will enjoy. He also always tries to incorporate a cooking technique that would be valuable to learn. In this case, we learned how to make a pastry crust, which would normally scare us off from a recipe. It's not hard or time-consuming! He is patient and has a great sense of humor. Shout out to Yetunde also - we didn't have any trouble with the technology, and the class was easy to follow, especially with the close-ups of Eric's work. We ended up with a delicious lunch (leek and goat cheese tart) and much more knowledge.
2020-05-13 15:23:00
Virtual Cooking with Chef Eric
I enjoyed this class so much! It was my very first online cooking class and it was such a treat. I felt like we were all in one big kitchen together. Chef Eric sent all the ingredients needed ahead of time so I could prepare in advance. We then all joined together for the class. Everything was explained in a fun and friendly way. Chef Eric also took care to make sure each person was keeping up and helped us out when needed. Suggestions were given for substitute ingredients if desired. The team really cater to everything. I found it to be so much fun and I learned a lot too. I think a class like this would make a great gift for a special birthday gift for anyone who loves to cook. Thank you!
2020-05-12 06:24:00
Online cooking class
Great online class with Eric. It was well organised, relaxed easy going atmosphere. Recipe was simple, straightforward and Eric constantly guided us through the steps. He also gave some useful tips on how best to prep, alternative ingredients (as lots not available during Covid lockdown !) as well as some cool chef astuces. End result looked great and was very yummy.
2021-03-18 19:21:06
two day bread class
excellent class! great explanations and tips.
2020-05-31 18:52:00
Awesome Experience!
I decided to take one of the Cookn with class online classes mostly to support my sister and brother in law so my review is definitely biased. With that said, I kind of didn't know what to expect when taking what turned out to be a very challenging 2 day class. I fully enjoyed my experience and having taken an in person class, I found myself preferring the online experience as it was a lot easier to focus in my own surroundings. Chef Eric was very supportive and was often checking in on me and the other participants making sure we didn't get lost, yet somehow keeping the challenge. Even a novice like myself was able to create something tasty. I fully recommend taking one of the many classes they offer, great food and tons of fun.
2020-12-18 22:07:00
Perfect Stay at Home Activity
Do this, it was awesome. Gave the 2 day Bread Class to my husband for his birthday. This was such a fun experience! A couple of hints to first timers: 1. Fresh yeast is next to impossible to find, that’s ok, just make sure you have a NEW package of Active Dry Yeast., not one you have had in the cupboard for two years. 2. Take the time the night before to pre-measure all your ingredients. We put everything out on another counter so all we had to do in class was follow the steps with Chef. This helped a lot. We didn’t fall behind or try to measure and listen at the same time. I think we would have been really flustered trying to keep up other wise. 3. We didn’t believe that all the bread could be frozen after class and still be awesome. We were wrong. Chef recommended sealing and freezing. We have a food vacuum sealer and only used it to creat the air tight bags. We cut everything in half and have been amazed at how well the breads have reheated. 4. Yes you can recreate the recipes on your own. We have already managed to duplicate the baguettes. If we can, anyone who takes this class can.
2020-11-02 20:53:00
Fabulous 2-day Le Pain baking class with Chef Patrick
Chef Patrick and the administrative team did an amazing job organizing and coordinating an action-packed two-day bread-making class. The preparation and instructions were clear, the tempo demanding but reasonable, and we ended up with beautiful finished products - 8 mini baguettes, a Brioche loaf as well as a Brioche Braided loaf, and the most flavorful Olive Fougasse on the planet. I was pretty tired when we were done, but very proud of what we all accomplished. Chef Patrick is a terrific guide, baker, teacher, and leader.
2020-10-14 05:10:00
2day Bread Making Class
We really enjoyed the this 2 day class. Even though I have made some bread in the past, This was a great learning experience. Our final products were delicious. Thank you for the quick response to my before class questions. The suggestions in the documentation to have ingredients premeasured was very helpful for completing the steps of making these bread recipes. I will be checking your website for future classes. Thank you
2020-10-04 21:30:00
2 Day Bread Making Class
I bought this class for my wife for her birthday -- and we all couldn't have been happier! What a great way to bring our family together in our shared love of cooking. Our experience was a wonderful compliment to the class we took last December in Paris. And to top the whole experience off: we got great bread!!!
2020-09-28 20:23:00
2day bread making class
The class was very detailed and well laid out. The end product was delicious and I like that the class size was small. I recommend being prepared and premeasuring your ingredients ahead of time to make the class go by seamlessly.
2020-10-14 13:06:00
Lovely way to spend your weekend!
I did the two-day class and I will say that for my first virtual cooking class the results were the best that I could hope for! The teachers were patient, kind, and thoughtful. Thanks for offering such a lovely virtual experience.
2020-09-02 02:21:00
Love these classes
We did macaron and dessert classes in Paris and loved them. We’ve now done two online classes: Taste of France and Les Petits Gateaux. SO much fun!! Enjoyed both of these classes and learned a lot.
2020-07-15 15:07:00
My First Virtual Class
Les Petit Gateaux with Chef Eric was a fascinating experience and one I really enjoyed . It was full on and quite hard work but I learned a great deal . The other students were more experienced bakers than I am so I would have been happy with slightly less content . Not all the recipes worked perfectly for me but Eric has given me the confidence to keep trying . Highly recommend . ps - having someone to manage the washing up as you bake is helpful !!
2020-07-06 17:17:00
Fantastic virtual classes!
I have recently taken 2 online classes with Chef Eric (L’Apéro Provençal and Les Petit Gateaux) and thoroughly enjoyed them. Chef Eric is a great teacher and has a very clear knowledge of the history of the food he teaches. It was great also to talk and meet with fellow students from all over the world. I’d recommend these classes to anyone!
2020-08-11 03:04:00
Exceptional Cooking Class
If you want to participate in an online cooking class, this is the one for you. Chef Eric is an excellent teacher - informative, engaging and encouraging. One of the best online cooking classes.
2020-07-07 18:11:00
Bring classic French cooking to your home!
I love Cook’n with Class! The online experience with Eric seems like you are right in the kitchen with him. I especially appreciate his style of providing cultural and historical information along with substitute/alternative ingredients. You can cook along at the same time or just watch and cook later. Having participants from around the world with you adds diversity, expands on the availability of ingredients, and makes you feel like you are traveling. Yetunde prepares us with tips and recipes before classes start. The best promotion I can make is the very positive response from my family—keep these French creations coming!
2020-07-31 17:43:00
Quite the culinary accomplishment!
This is not your ordinary cooking class! My husband and I took this class together and it was definitely good to have both of us. We covered a lot of culinary territory over the two days, ending up with LOTS of food to picnic with this summer. The terrines and pate were so much fun, and even though we didn't have the perfect pans, we were happy with our results! Next time I would plan a party the day after the class--to celebrate and also to get help eating all the food we prepared! My husband absolutely loved this class, especially the meat pate on croute--it was beautiful and delicious. Chef Eric and Yetunde do a great job of managing the class, checking in and answering questions as they come up. And of course it's fun to make something so very French!
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