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Come visit Uzès – the first duchy of France and the surrounding areas referred to as “Le Pays d’Uzès”. Named a city of art culture this is one of the must-see destinations of France. We invite you to discover the region with us.

Visit Uzès – Medieval city center, bustling markets, and gourmet cuisine

Come visit Uzès with us. This medieval city is located in the Gard department of France in Occitanie (formerly Languedoc-Rousillon). Occitanie borders Rhône-Alp and Provence regions. Its location and culture have often had its inhabitants refer to it as being in the Gard Provencal. It was once a Gallo-Roman oppidum providing water to Nîmes. The vestments of its medieval past still remain in the city center.

Uzès was France’s first duchy. The chateau, “Le Duché“, (the Duke’s castle), in the city’s historic center, has belonged Crussol family for almost 1000 years.

Le Pont du Gard located in Remoulins is one of the best-preserved remains of Roman architecture in the region. It is a UNESCO world heritage site.

In terms of food, Uzès and its surrounding villages, known as “Le Pays d’Uzès”, are where the “charcuterie of the Cévennes, the bulls of the Carmargue, and the fish of the Mediterranean meet. This is a region rich with olive oil, garlic, thyme, rosemary & bay leaves adding flavor to the many dishes of the south of France.

In recent years, more and more attention has been drawn to the city of Uzès with many French television documentaries, most recently those of France 3 and France 5.

Uzès’s markets are a big draw for both tourists and locals alike. The Wednesday market which we visit during our French market class in Uzès is the producers’ market. The Saturday market takes up the place aux herbes and the surrounding boulevard. You always want to be sure to arrive early when visiting the Saturday market. Much of the same can be said in the height of the season for our producer’s market on Wednesdays.

To visit Uzès is to fall in love with the South of France. If you need more convincing, take a guided tour through the medieval streets of Uzès with our energetic little guide. We are sure that you will be under its spell.

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