Let’s Eat the World is a partner of the French cooking school Cook’n With Class Paris. We build experiences around food, culture, and travel. Enjoy a fun, interactive French or international culinary adventure along with professional chefs who will share their passion for cooking in English and in small groups.

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Let’s Eat the World together! Welcome to the home of the culinary experience you always dreamt of. Hello, I am a culinary travel advisor and creator with over 20 years of experience in the food and hospitality industry. Cooking, traveling, and entertaining are my passions, and I enjoy creating unforgettable experiences for my clients.

Let’s Eat The World is a travel agency specializing in curating exclusive itineraries that take our clients on a culinary journey around the world. My extensive network of local chefs, food experts, and guides in different countries allows me to offer unique and authentic culinary experiences that go beyond the typical tourist spots. My clients have the opportunity to explore hidden gems, taste local specialties, and learn from expert chefs & seasoned cooks.

I started this company in collaboration with Chef Eric Fraudeau, Chef/Owner of French Cooking School, Cook’n With Class Paris with the dream of taking people on a journey rich with the colorful dishes, tasty tidbits, and skill-building lessons that would enrich their travel experience. Together we designed our very first culinary holiday, Week in Uzès which gave participants the opportunity to dive into the heart of French culture through its very rich culinary history. Our visits were dotted with market tours, hands-on cooking lessons, & wine tastings. But we never forgot the key ingredients that made these tours so popular, the conviviality and the generosity.

With these elements in mind, I’ve shaped our current tours and will continue to build on new programs that will bring you closer to cultural appreciation and understanding through the thing that units us all, our quest for good food.

I believe that food is a way to connect with people and learn about different cultures, and I am dedicated to sharing this passion with my clients.

If you are ready to explore new places or even revisit destinations you have been before with a renewed thirst, I’ve got the perfect tour for you.

Let’s Eat the World | Culinary Experiences for Travel Lovers will bring you food loving adventures built by chefs with food and wine lovers and cooks of all levels in mind. We’ll guide you on your journey to becoming a better cook and an inspired traveler.


(Re)Discover Your Love of Cooking

It’s time to start your journey in Food, Wine, & Culture with a culinary adventure from Let’s Eat The World. Learn the art of French, Mediterranean & Provencal cuisine with a French cooking holiday in southern France. Partake in the gastronomical delights of the French capital with a culinary tour in Paris. Dive into Spain cuisine with a culinary vacation in Seville, Spain. Live La Dolce Vita in Italy while immersing yourself in its food & culture. Embark on your journey to becoming an expert bread-baker. Indulge in delectable delights and enjoy a truly memorable experience.

Travel with us both physically and virtually for a culinary adventure that you won’t soon forget. Because food should leave you with a lasting impression.

All our tours and experiences are offered in small groups so that each student can have a hands-on experience with the attention of the chef to guide you and answer your questions. Be prepared to be entertained and informed.

Come eager to learn and part with new skills and new friends. We bring you the opportunity to combine your love of travel with your love of good food and good company. Discover our cooking workshops & Culinary Tours.

French cooking classes online. Culinary holidays in Provence. Culinary Tours in Paris. Cooking vacations in Seville. Food & Wine holidays in Parma. We’ll see you on your next adventure in cooking.

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