Learn French Mother Sauces online with our chefs

In this online French Mother Sauces Class, you will create with the guidance of our chef two stocks and several mother sauces & their declinations. The secrets of sauce making will be revealed and you will be on your way to creating wonderful sauces to accompany your meals.

53€ /person

Learn French Mother Sauces online with French Chef taught in English

Class Duration: 3 hours
Price per household: 53€*

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  • Online and straight to your kitchen
  • Shopping list provided with recipes
  • Hands-on and interactive
  • Link to class video so you can review the lesson
  • Learn from an experienced French chef in English

*You can be multiple people on the same computer but we ask that as much as possible you try to limit it to two people if you can. This will help the flow of the class for everyone.

Begin to learn French Mother Sauces online with us

Come online and dive into the world of the French mother sauces. In this online sauce class, we will teach you the base of every good sauce – a good stock. During this unique experience, our chef will guide you through the preparation of several French mother sauces and their declinations. You’ll want to get your spoons (and bread), ready for tasting. From these bases, you can venture further into the classic French sauces that have delighted many diners at some of the most prestigious restaurants. NO store-bought sauce for you! You’ll learn how to make delicious sauces from scratch.

This online cooking class is run on Zoom.

This class is offered punctually on specific dates so be sure to check our online cooking class calendar to see when we’ll be hosting the next class. Please check the listed time which is in CET (Central European Time). If you’re not sure of the time in your time zone, click here.

Don’t see a date that works for you? You can send us an email to suggest another date. If we are available we will propose the date and should we have enough participants, we will run the class. This class can be offered as a one-on-one tutorial or you may also wish to gather your friends and family for a private class customized for you. Please note that we need to give participants enough time to prepare with shopping for the class.

A link to the recording of the Zoom session will be provided after the class.

What you’ll be preparing:

10 recipes including 2 stocks & 8 sauces

Fish Fumet (Fish Stock)
Fish Velouté
Sorrel Sauce for Salmon

Brown Chicken Stock
Bordelaise Red Wine Sauce with Shallots
Sweet & Sour Grape Sauce

Hollandaise Sauce
Maltaise Sauce
Sauce Verte (Herbed Mayonnaise)

Dates & Times


*Participant refers to the connected computer or household so you can be multiple people on the same connection.

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    Learn French Mother Sauces - Online Cooking Classes A great sauce starts with a great stock. Come join us for this unique online Sauce Making class where we will help you perfect your sauce making from stock to finish. With the base of the French mother sauces as your building blocks, the options are countless. Person
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