Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau

Food & travel are not new things for our CEO & culinary dream creator. Yetunde is the in-house photographer/videographer & mastermind of culinary adventures both off and online.

This culinary graduate is always looking for new and fun ways to share her love for food & travel with hungry holiday-makers from around the world. She was born in Nigeria and grew up in New York where she found her passion for working in the hospitality industry in the Big Apple. Arriving in France in 2003 for what she initially believed would be a 1-year to 18-month internship before embarking on other world traveling, she cut her teeth in her first entrepreneurial experience running a successful vacation rental company for over 7 years.

A move to southern France and the birth of her first child prompted a shift in her business which she sold before moving on to take charge of the sales & marketing for her husband’s equally successful French cooking school based in Paris, Cook’n with Class. Together they opened a second French cooking school in Uzès, France which they ran for 5 years before rebranding it into the culinary tour company, Let’s Eat The World.

Currently residing in Seville, Spain, Yetunde is not only adding another language to her growing list but also new flavors & fantastic contacts to once again design programs that will inspire and entertain visitors.

You’ll catch Yetunde’s musings on our social media, in our newsletters, in email, and when she steps out from behind the computer or camera to help coordinate our culinary tours in France and Spain.

Let’s Eat the World – is her latest brainchild and her way to continue sharing the tastes of good food, & fabulous travel experiences that have become an essential part of her life.

Meet Yetunde on our Let’s Eat Uzes, Let’s Eat Paris & Let’s Eat Seville 5-day and Let’s Eat Seville Week-long tours.

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