Tamara (Tako)

Tamara (Tako) Natenadze
Guide/Local Expert

Meet Tamara (Tako) Natenadze for one of our Georgian culinary tours. Tamara is your trusted guide to the vibrant world of Georgian travel and culinary delights during our Let’s Eat Georgia culinary holiday in Tbilisi. Ditching a career in Law and Economics for the lure of the unknown, Tamara embarked on a journey filled with adventure, flavors, and unforgettable experiences.

Her foray into travel began as a cultural tour guide, where her infectious enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge about Georgia’s rich heritage captivated travelers from around the world. But it was in 2012, with her leap into gastronomy tourism as part of the Living Roots Team, that Tamara truly found her calling. Here, she combines her love for exploration with the delicious world of food and wine. While Tamara is a wizard behind the scenes, designing unique travel experiences, she occasionally steps out to lead intrepid explorers on culinary and wine adventures across Georgia’s breathtaking landscapes.

Tamara is not just about itineraries and destinations; she’s a storyteller with a camera, capturing the essence of Georgian life through her photography. From the bustling streets of Tbilisi to the serene countryside, her photos tell a story of a land rich in culture, beauty, and gastronomy.

Living by the mantra of love for people, wine, food, and nature, Tamara’s tours are not just trips; they’re a celebration of life. Her passion for uncovering lesser-known spots and introducing travelers to hidden culinary treasures turns every journey with her into a vibrant and joyous exploration.

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