Chef Samuel Rubio Ortega

Meet Chef Samuel Rubio Ortega, better known as Chef Sam –  a culinary maestro with a zest for life and a taste for adventure! Hailing from the vibrant city of Seville, Chef Samuel embarked on a flavorful journey that has taken him across the globe.

This culinary virtuoso honed his skills at the prestigious Escuela Superior de Hostelería before setting off on a whirlwind culinary escapade. Seville became his playground, where he dazzled taste buds at the Patisserie Flor de la Pasión and wowed diners at the hip ConTenedor restaurant. He even left his mark at the luxurious Hotel Alfonso XIII and the beloved local gem, Casa Robles.

But Chef Samuel’s passion knew no boundaries! He spread his culinary wings and ventured overseas. In Bristol, England, he brought his gastronomic wizardry to the Avon Gorge Hotel, leaving Brits craving his delightful creations. And that’s not all—this globetrotting chef took on thrilling “Chef a Domicilio” gigs in Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, and even the United States. Talk about culinary globetrotting!

Back on Spanish soil, Chef Samuel sprinkled his magic in captivating cities like Barcelona, Marbella, Islantilla, and the sun-kissed paradise of Fuerteventura. Each place served as a canvas for his culinary masterpieces, leaving locals and tourists begging for seconds.

A traveler and lover of international cuisine, Chef Samuel couldn’t resist the allure of India and ventured to Patiala, Punjab, to immerse himself in the aromatic wonders of Indian cuisine. Inspired by the vibrant spices and rich traditions, he brings a touch of India to every menu he crafts, tantalizing taste buds with unforgettable dishes.

Today, Chef Samuel Rubio Ortega has become a culinary maverick, embracing the freedom of being a “Home Chef” and a fearless freelance cook. With his apron as his cape, he fearlessly dives into culinary challenges, creating memorable dining experiences wherever he goes.

But wait, there’s more! Chef Samuel isn’t just a master of the kitchen—he’s also a champion swimmer! Since his early days, he’s been making waves in competitive swimming, even representing his country on the international stage. With his swimming instructor and coach titles, he’s made a splash in nurturing young talent, teaching kids how to conquer the water.

So, buckle up for an unforgettable culinary adventure with Chef Samuel Rubio Ortega—a true culinary superhero who’ll delight your palate and make every meal a delectable escapade!

Catch Chef Sam on your next culinary adventure in Seville.

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