French Food Tours in Paris – A Week in Paris

Every year millions of people arrive in Paris to have a taste of that French joie de vivre. The French capital is the melting pot of the country which can boast over 400 varieties of cheese, wonderful wine regions, and breathtaking monuments worth repeat exploration. With a Week in Paris, we want to take you to the heart of French culture, its food. Through this intimate, hands-on culinary experience in Paris, you’ll walk away not only with new skills to apply to your everyday cooking, but also a more in-depth look at what makes France tick. Fresh, seasonal, & delicious.

Our French culinary holiday is a way for us to bring you closer to the people and the places that have put France on the map. Join experienced chefs, passionate vendors, and wine specialists to explore the city which you may think you know but which always has something extra up its sleeve. This is an insider’s look into French cuisine and the city of light.

Have a look through our gallery to have a feel for what our Let’s Eat The World Week in Paris tour looks like. Discover a Week in Paris

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