Week in Uzès 2018 Best of!

What an amazing year it has been with our Week in Uzès 2018 participants. We cooked, we ate, we drank, we explored all that keeps you coming back to France. More than just a cooking holiday, this is a cultural event to add to your wonderful memories of life in the south of France.

French culinary vacation in France. On our 6-day, 7-night culinary adventure, you’ll get hands-on instruction from chef Eric Fraudeau (in English), creator of French cooking school, Cook’n With Class, but also learn about the great, fresh, seasonal foods that make up the French culinary palette. This is a food and wine experience open to cooks and wine lovers of all levels.

Come join Eric and me, Yetunde, for a fun-filled, food and wine culinary workshop in a little place in France we like to call home. We’ll have you falling in love with the region, its people, food, & wine. Culinary dreams can come true in Uzès with Let’s Eat The World.

For current dates & our sample program and more about one of our Culinary vacations in France – Week in Uzès, here.

Dreaming starts here!:

Enjoy a trip down (our) memory lane through the images taken this year during our Week in Uzès. Perhaps you’ll find inspiration and plan your trip with us or just enjoy the scenes from the South of France and Cook’n with Class Uzès.

If all of this still hasn’t convinced you, you can find more information about our week in Uzès here.

Check out our Week in Uzès video here.

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