Beaujolais Nouveau is Here to Stay.

The Beaujolais Nouveau French wine is here to stay and has been released to the public to buy. Want to learn where this festive wine originates, we’ve got the answer inside

Harvest time or hardest time for winemakers?

Ever wondered why that bottle of wine costs so much? While there are many factors that go into pricing, the weather plays a major part. See how climate change and global warming has affected winemaking in France.

Wine Trends 2017

What does 2017 have in store for us when it comes to wine. What will be hot? What will change? What will it cost us? Our sommelier shares 3 of the trends in wine this year.

10 Gift ideas for Wine Lovers

If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift idea for that lover of wines, look no further we have you covered with this top 10 list from our sommelier Frederic Duverger – and a little bonus gift idea at the end to take your passion for wine one step further.

Summer Wines: Not just Rosé!

Are you wondering what’s the best wine choice for light meals or grilled food during those hot summer nights? Or maybe note because you always go for the rosé? Time to break the rules!

Wine marinades – The Do’s and Don’ts

Do you marinate your meat or fish? What do you grab, cooking wine? A bit of red? A bit of white? Well if you want to ensure that you are doing justice to your food, you’ll want to read Sommelier & foodie Frédéric Duverger’s tips on wine marinades.

Does Mixing Wines REALLY give you a Headache?

You’ve heard it said again and again. In fact you’ve probably said it too. “You can’t mix drinks or you risk getting a headache.” or “I’ll stick to red since that’s what I’m already drinking. I don’t want to end up with a headache.” But how much of that is true? Does mixing wines REALLY give you a headache or are we all victims of a mass delusion?

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