Learning to make better homemade bread can be fun!

Great bread isn’t made in a day. For the best bread, bakers know you need time and patience. This is what our masterclass participants learn in a 3-day bread baking course. This is a course offered by Let’s Eat The World in Paris, France & Seville, Spain.

With bread at center stage, this hands-on experience is a perfect way to hone your bread-baking skills in a fun and intimate setting. More time for you to have your chef’s attention. More time for you to practice your craft. Better homemade bread starts here. Discover our 3-day bread-baking masterclass today and start making better homemade bread.

Learn more about our Bread masterclass, here.

This class was a real treat, not only am I now confident that I can make a variety of different types of bread on my own, but the overall experience was really fun and social. Each learning session was paired with a delicious lunch and watching the chef put it together was very inspiring. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone who loves cooking and is looking for something out of the ordinary! – Erika

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