A Day Trip to Jerez de la Frontera

We’re not the kind of people who would put something on one of our tours without testing it ourselves. So naturally, we had to make a few trips to sherry country to bring you the best intel. This meant the arduous task of tasting sherry not once but at least three different times to be sure that we were offering up some quality – tough job, but someone has to do it.

So allow us to present you with a day trip to Jerez de la Frontera!

Yetunde Eric Jerez


Region: Andalusia
Province: Cádiz
Municipality: Jerez de la Frontera
A little over an hour south of Seville.

What’s in a Name? Brief History

The name Jerez goes back to the Phoenician Xera, Sèrès, later Romanized under the name of Ceret. The current Spanish name came by way of the Arabic name. During the Muslim period in Iberia, it was called Xerez or Xerés. The word Frontera is the Spanish word for frontier, as Jerez was located on the Spanish border between the Moorish and Christian regions of Spain during the 13th century.

The old spelling “Xerez” survives in several foreign languages up until recently and continues to influence the name given to sherry: Portuguese Xerez, Catalan Xerès, English sherry, French Xérès.

The discovery of the Americas and the conquest of Granada in 1492 made Jerez one of the most prosperous cities of Andalusia through trade and its proximity to the ports of Seville and Cádiz. Attracted by the economic possibilities offered by the winemaking business, a substantial foreign European population (English, Flemish, Portuguese, and, most notably, Genoese) moved into the city.

Being just about an hour outside of Seville and given its historical significance and renowned wine industry, it only made sense that we would include Jerez in our Culinary Tours in Seville. While we don’t squeeze it into our 4-day, 5-night experience, it is part of the week-long program.

Things to Do

Visit the Alcazar of Jerez: As in Seville and Granada, the city has its own Alcazar with its ruins, Arab baths, and spectacular views. The city has done a wonderful job of putting together an audio guide that you can listen to on your phone in multiple languages.

Explore the Cathedral: A Neogothic masterpiece from the end of the Romanesque period with several paintings and works of great quality, including several Virgin Marys by Francisco de Zurbarán.

Tour the Jerez Wine Cellars (Bodegas): Visiting the bodegas is a must on your day trip to Jerez de la Frontera. If you only visit one, make it Tio Pepe. Check out their tours. For another great experience, stop by Lustau for wines with a slightly acidic and woody taste. The tours usually end with a tasting. I recommend trying the Palo Cortado sherry.


Things to Eat

To make it back home in one piece and pass the alcohol of the wine, it is necessary to eat:

La Carbona: A Michelin experience with an en-vogue chef among Spain’s rising stars. To discover without fail. Visit their website.

Warique Peruviano: A little Peruvian restaurant with amazing jalea. Check them out on Facebook.

And don’t forget to tip appropriately in Spain! For more about tipping, check out this guide.


Did You Know?

Since 1987, the Grand Prix motorcycle racing has been held at the Circuito de Jerez in early May. Thousands of bikers from around the world come to the city during this week to watch the MotoGP race held in Jerez annually. It’s one of the most-watched races in Europe.

Another popular festival is the Feria del Caballo, celebrated annually in May. It’s one of the most famous Spanish fairs, held in the Parque González Hontoria. All booths (casetas) are open to the public, allowing attendees to enjoy food, drinks, and dancing.

Holy Week in Jerez, as in other cities in Andalusia, commemorates the Passion of Jesus Christ with Catholic religious brotherhoods and fraternities performing penance processions on the streets during the last week of Lent.

During the Christmas season, from the end of November to the end of December, many peñas (religious and cultural clubs) celebrate with public festivals where anyone can go to drink, eat, dance, and sing Christmas carols.

And if you’re craving more Andalusian adventures, don’t miss our Let’s Eat Seville culinary holidays. For local insights, chef-led cooking lessons and discover all the culinary gems the region has to offer.

So, there you have it! Your guide to an unforgettable day trip to Jerez de la Frontera. From the historic Alcazar to the vibrant sherry bodegas, Jerez has something for everyone. Ready to explore? Pack your bags, and let’s go on a day trip to Jerez de la Frontera! Bon voyage!

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