Does Paris Have Good Food?

A Paris Food Tour Through the City of Lights

When you think of a Paris Food Tour, what comes to mind? Paris a city synonymous with art, fashion, and romance, is also a haven for food enthusiasts. According to CCI Paris, Paris is home to 15,202 cafés-restaurants: 2,010 cafés, 9,483 traditional restaurants and 3,709 fast-food outlets. With all the buzz on food in Paris, the question, “Does Paris have good food?” might seem almost rhetorical to those familiar with its culinary reputation. From cozy bistros to opulent Michelin-starred establishments, Paris not only has good food; it offers a gastronomic adventure that is as diverse as it is exquisite.

The Bistro Experience: Where Tradition Meets Comfort

Let’s begin our Paris Food Tour in the heart of Parisian culinary tradition – the bistro. These small, often family-run establishments are the backbone of Parisian dining culture. Here, you’ll find classic French dishes like Coq au Vin, Boeuf Bourguignon, and French Onion Soup. One such gem is Chez Georges, nestled in the vibrant 2nd district since 1964. With its classic decor and hearty, flavor-packed dishes, it’s a quintessential Parisian experience. Now, if you Googled Chez Georges you would come up with not 1 but at least 4 restaurants of the same name. The one we’re referring to here is at 1 rue de Mail.

Michelin Stars: The Pinnacle of Culinary Excellence

On our Paris Food Tour, you’ll discover at least one of the 118 Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris as of 2023. But though this is a French publication, it is Tokyo that has the most in the world. Each of Paris’ Michelin restaurants offers a unique interpretation of French cuisine. At the pinnacle of this culinary excellence is the Plaza Athénée at the Plaza Athénée Hotel. With Chef Alain Ducasse formerly at the helm and now under the expert guidance of chef Jean Imbert, you can only imagine the heights to which this fine-dining experience could take you. This restaurant is not just about food; it’s a celebration of French gastronomy in an elegant, contemporary setting.

Dinner at Shang Palace

International Flavors: A Global Culinary Scene

But our Paris Food Tour reveals that it’s not only French cuisine that shines in Paris. Paris’s food scene isn’t limited to French cuisine. Another top-ranked Michelin experience that I can personally attest to having enjoyed on more than one occasion is the Shang Palace at the Shangrila Palace Hotel where we indulged in Cantonese fine dining at its very best.

The city’s diverse population has contributed to a rich tapestry of international dining options. For instance, Poissonnerie Ebisu is one of the best Japanese and authentic sushi experiences in Paris. Meanwhile, Los Güeros brings the flavors of Mexico to the heart of the city, with dishes that are as vibrant and colorful as the culture they represent.

Street Food: A Casual Affair

No visit to Paris for a true foodie is ever complete without mentioning its street food. The city’s streets are dotted with vendors selling Crêpes, Croque-monsieurs, and Baguettes. Enjoy a classic, simple Jambon, Beurre (a baguette with ham & butter) whose quality and price vary from one establishment to the next. You’ll generally find the jambon beurre at your local boulangerie but just a quick internet search will show you that competition is serious for this quintessential French delicacy.

For a quick, delicious bite, head to L’As du Fallafel in rue des Rosier in Le Marais. Their falafel sandwich, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, is a local favorite and Lenny Kravitz.

Patisseries and Bakeries: A Sweet Ending

Finally, Paris wouldn’t be Paris without its pastries and bakeries. The city is a playground for those with a sweet tooth. Legendary spots like Pierre Hermé and Ladurée offer a dazzling array of macarons, éclairs, and other sweet treats. Each visit feels like a step into a world of decadent, sugary bliss. One of my favorite chocolatiers, Pierre Marcolini has set up shop in Paris on both the left and right banks of the city. His chocolates are simply to die for.

With so much to offer any food lover in Paris, it is no wonder my husband and our culinary advisor at Let’s Eat The World, Chef Eric Fraudeau, decided to open a French cooking school in 2007. It is at Cook’n With Class that our participants of the Let’s Eat Paris culinary holiday have the opportunity to enjoy an immersive experience diving deeper into French classics and bistro cuisines. Our tours are not just about tasting; they’re about learning, experiencing, and living the French culinary tradition.

With explorations of the French markets we love, wine and champagne tastings taking you from Paris to Reims, an initiation into the wonderful world of French cheese, and a fine dining experience to top it all, this is the perfect tour for all you lovers of Paris’s best.

So, whether you’re a seasoned gourmand or a curious foodie, our Paris Food Tour offers a culinary journey through Paris that’s sure to delight and inspire. Come join us at Let’s Eat The World, and let’s discover the flavors that make Paris a world-renowned culinary destination. Bon appétit!

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