Online Baking Classes - French teacakes and cookies

Join the party! Online baking classes where you'll learn to bake French Teacakes and cookies (Sablés, Madeleines, and more), from the comfort of your home kitchen. Take part in an interactive online baking course with our chefs in France. Your French baking experience is just a Zoom call away.

€53.00 / person

ONLINE baking Classes taught in English

Class Duration: 2.5-3 hours
Price per class day: 53€/participant*

*Number of participants refers to the number of individual connections or households joining our zoom session. You can be multiple people in the same kitchen but we ask that you try not to be more than 2 people as much for your own benefit as for your fellow participants & chef-instructor.
Number Recipes: 4 recipes/class
Average Food Cost: About 20-30 euros and assumes that you have some basic ingredients available in your kitchen (Sugar, Flour, Eggs . . .)
For accuracy with the recipes: For some of the recipes we may do in this class, there are some essential tools: A stand-up mixer (a hand-held may be used but it won’t be as easy), a candy thermometer (essential for sugar confection and is not required for all recipes), Piping bags, and tips (depending on the recipe), and a kitchen scale (French baking and pastry are very precise and a scale is the only way to control accuracy).
This class will be offered as follows: The time the class is scheduled is based on CET (Central European Time). While we have tried to calculate the time in a few time zones, we ask that you please ensure you check your time zone.


  • Instruction in English
  • Shopping list provided with recipes
  • Technical setup instructions provided for you to enjoy your virtual experience
  • Hands-on interactive lesson
  • Link to class video so you can re-watch
  • Small group size (you can be more than one person on one device but we would ask that you try to be no more than 2 as much for your enjoyment as for the other participants).
  • Interactive Zoom sessions & Instructional videos for work alone steps
  • Online baking class – so you cook in the comfort of your own home
  • Learn from an experienced French chef

Your Online Baking Classes – French Teacakes & Cookies

In our online baking classes, you’ll be baking up delectable French teacakes & cookies along with our pastry chef LIVE from Paris via Zoom. Each session is bookable individually and will last about 2-2.5 hours each day. This is a great opportunity to interact with our chef from your home kitchen creating some wonderful French recipes. For more cakes and cookies, book both days, you always have a discount on your subsequent bookings with us.


The time the class is scheduled is based on CET (Central European Time). While we have tried to calculate the time in a few time zones, we ask that you please ensure you check your time zone

Les Petits Gâteaux 1: Madeleines & Financiers

  • Classic Honey Madeleines
  • Chocolate Madeleines
  • Hazelnut Financier with Raspberries
  • Gluten-Free Almond Financier

French tea cakes & cookies

Tools needed: Mixing bowls, spatulas, whisk, spoons, 2 madeleine molds or mini muffin molds or cupcake molds (not too big), 2 financier molds or mini muffin molds, etc., saucepans, piping bags


Les Petits Gâteaux 2:Les Sables

  • Sable au Chocolat Fleur de Sel (Chocolate Sable cookie with fleur de sel)
  • Sable Breton
  • Tuile Coco (Coconut Tuile Cookies)
  • Langues de Chat (finger biscuits)

French tea cakes & cookies


Tools needed: Mixing bowls, spatulas, whisk, spoons, mini muffin tins (full-size muffin tin if fine too), piping bag, piping tips #8 or 9 (8 or 9 mm), knife, cutting board

Not sure of the class time in your time zone, try this link.

This class is offered punctually. Click on Book Now to view planned dates

Note: We, of course, prefer that you attend the classes LIVE. But if you are unable to attend the LIVE class, you can also watch the recording so that you may follow along on your own. You can always email the chef to ask your questions.

Zoom recording of class will be provided shortly after the class.

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    • Fantastic virtual classes!

      ByCreated Oonagh

      Name/Nom: Oonagh Morrison
      Country/Pays: Northern Ireland

      I have recently taken 2 online classes with Chef Eric (L’Apéro Provençal and Les Petit Gateaux) and thoroughly enjoyed them.
      Read more

      Thank you, Oonagh, for joining us on our virtual culinary adventures. Your work came out beautifully and I hope your friends enjoyed it (and of course, you as well).

    • Lovely way to spend your weekend!

      ByCreated S. Washington

      Name/Nom: S. Washington
      Country/Pays: United States

      I did the two-day class and I will say that for my first virtual cooking class the results were the
      Read more

      Thank you, Sharrone for your review. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed your first virtual class with us. Perhaps we will have the pleasure of seeing you again online (and hopefully, one day, in person).

    • Love these classes

      ByCreated amyelins

      Name/Nom: Amy L
      Country/Pays: UnIt’s Stated

      We did macaron and dessert classes in Paris and loved them. We’ve now done two online classes: Taste
      Read more

      Thank you, Amy, for being such an enthusiastic participant. Your results were outstanding. I hope you will repeat the experience and make those recipes again in the future.

    • My First Virtual Class

      ByCreated CLARE

      Name/Nom: CLARE SIMS
      Country/Pays: UK

      Les Petit Gateaux with Chef Eric was a fascinating experience and one I really enjoyed . It was full on
      Read more

      Hello Clare, I'm glad you enjoyed the class. I hope reviewing the video was helpful as well to guide you when you attempt the recipes again. And it sounds like you plan on it. Thank you for join us and perhaps we will see you once again either online or in-person.

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