Night Markets in Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard

A Wonderful way to discover the towns around Uzès and enjoy the Summer season!

Les Marchés Nocturnes – Night Markets in and around Uzès.

Night Markets Uzes

So many reasons to visit le Pays d’Uzès and its enchanting villages and the night markets are just one of them. Personally, I love a good night market and have been to a few not only in France but also in Asia. What better place to take in the atmosphere and enjoy delectable delights. Since the fusion of the Pays d’Uzès and the Pays du Pont du Gard, we have more than doubled the number of night markets with one or two of them, if not three running in the week.

I’d like to think that I have become a bit of a night market aficionado. I come with at least 2 camping chairs as sometimes if you arrive too late, you might find no place to sit. I also pack water since wine and beer run freely but water at some night markets was hard to come by. I’ll have my condiments as well as my son will no doubt ask for ketchup and our homemade ketchup is always nicer, or maybe I’ll be feeling like spicing things up a bit with some hot sauce. Look out for the most popular food stands and send someone to queue for you if you can. Have cash on hand as not all the locations will have an ATM machine. So, look out for me at the night markets this summer. I’ll be the lady with the rolling ice box and two chairs thrown over her shoulder.

The night markets are also a great place to pick up artisanal crafts and food to-go. Some night markets offer live music and if you come earlier (before the sun goes down), you can explore the picturesque towns. For me, the most fun night markets are the ones in towns that don’t have many restaurants. A bigger effort seems to be made to make them festive. Last year, the night markets of the Pays du Pont du Gard included large wooden games for everyone, big and small, to enjoy. It was great fun!

So add to your agendas and enjoy the best of Summer to come with the Night Markets of the Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard.

Here are some of the best Night Markets to check out:

  • Lussan
  • Montaren et Saint-Mèdiers
  • Saint-Maximin
  • Saint-Siffret
  • Saint-Quentin la Poterie

And you can always check the tourist office website to see when and where events are taking place.

And every Tuesday night Mardis Nocturnes d’Uzès around the Duché d’Uzès

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Night markets Uzes 2019

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  1. Wondering what’s scheduled the week of June 20-25 2022 near Uzes?

    1. Yetunde Oshodi Author says:

      Hello David,
      The night markets in and around Uzès are generally in the months of July and August but you can always visit the Tourist office’s site for whats on during the dates you will be there

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