Left Luggage Facilities in Nîmes

left luggage nimes station

It used to be that the SNCF train stations offered luggage storage facilities in most if not all train stations in France. But then things changed and the facilities closed leaving travelers who wanted to explore the various cities outside the train stations with baggage in tow. But where the SNCF dropped off, several private companies saw an opportunity to offer a service and make a little bit of money (but, of course).

I did some searching online for services offered for passengers descending at Nîmes station and initially didn’t find much. Now it seems that it is possible using a site called Nanny Bag offering options for your baggage 24/7. They seem to have partnered with nearby hotels where you can leave your bag for a fee. The closest option to the station is at only 35 meters from Nîmes station.

Hours of operations:

7 days a week. 24 hours per day. Booking must be made in advance through the site or their app. They have English-speaking support staff.


About 6 euros/bag.

Visit their site, here.

left luggage nimes station
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