A Wine Affair – A love affair with Southern French wines

Nicolas (Nick) is a certified wine specialist who aims to share his love affair with our beloved region, its terroir, and its culture through his company, A Wine Affair. You may be lucky enough to meet him in class as he’ll be sharing his expertise with us in our Cheese & Wine pairing class, our Chef’s Table and our Week in Uzès culinary workshops. Discover our newest wine expert and learn about his passion for wine in this interview!


Meet a Wine Affair’s Nick Martin:


When did you know you wanted to become a wine specialist?

“Wine runs through my family’s veins. As well as relatives associated with the industry in Burgundy and Provence, my father was active in the transformation of Languedoc’s wine scene in the ‘80s, helping up-and-coming winemakers find new markets overseas.”


And then, how did YOU start?

“I became involved in the wine business as an importer of premium boutique wines in Singapore from the south of France. My focus was, as my father’s, to shine a light on the new generation of wine producers in Languedoc. It was a rewarding experience for me as I measured my success by converting Australians, Kiwis and Americans to wines of a region that they neither knew nor had ever heard of.”


That’s impressive… How did you manage to convert them?

“I like to play on similarities between what people know and the wines from the South of France. They all have something they can relate to these wines, they all can understand it. I started, for example, to sell a lot of rosé to people who didn’t know it.” 


Concerning Rosé, you may have heard about a possible shortage in the South of France. What do you think about it?

“There won’t be any shortage in my opinion. First of all, because a lot of winemakers are depending on rosé, and they cannot all be in shortage. Moreover, if there was a shortage in France, people would start looking to other countries for [rosé]: we are not the only ones to produce rosé !” 



So your wine business was based in Singapore… But why did you come back to France?

“I love the South of France, and particularly the Pays d’Uzès, because of its relaxed lifestyle. No one is going to judge you about what you’ve done but about who you are. Then, I love the landscapes: vines in the middle of a scrubland… This gives a very authentic air, unlike Provence, which is becoming more and more industrial. That’s why I always wanted to come back, to renovate the family home, and to move in.”



And you created A Wine Affair

“I have also returned to my family home in Uzès because the reputation of wines of the region had changed, and almost everything had changed since I left. I want to know better the vineyard and discover people again. Wine is always changing, there is so much to learn! 

Why this name?

“I want people to fall in love with the wine and its culture!”



Talking about loving wine, what’s your favorite one?

“My favorite wine is the Cévennes’ wine because it surprises me. This wine combines both strength and freshness in the mouth, which is why I appreciate it so much.” 


At last, do you have advice for people who don’t know anything about wine?

“Don’t stick to what you know and be open-minded. The problem with wine is that it is over-formalized, while it just has to be personal preferences. Please enjoy! And if you don’t like a Saint Emilion, no one will judge you.”


Nick & Wes


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We are honored to be able to call upon two excellent wine specialists to help animate our wine classes and culinary tours. Participate in our classes Cheese & Wine Pairing or Food & Wine Pairing to hear Frederic and Nick tell us all about wine culture and the language and art of wine pairing.

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