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Join us for our unique and informative culinary experiences from the comfort of your home kitchen. A virtual cooking class for a birthday celebration. Try an online cooking lesson for your next family get-together. Let us animate your next corporate event. Virtual Cooking Classes straight from France & Spain to you.

Discover our Virtual Cooking Classes

Let your tastebuds travel the world with us. We’re bringing you virtual cooking classes that will be sure to please you lovers of food, travel & cultural exchange. Our classes will take you on a trip around the world without the carry-on luggage limits or airport security. We’ll start you off in France where our French cooking classes originated, at Cook’n With Class Paris, and take you down to the Iberian Peninsula.

With many options to choose from you could be baking up delicious baguettes in online bread baking classes, dazzling your family with homemade pâtés and terrines in one of our online charcuterie classes at your next family picnic, indulging in tasty online baking classes to learn teacakes & gluten-free cakes, or getting ready for your next cocktail hour with some an Apéro Mediterranean tapas menu. Learn to make elegant Classic French desserts with our pastry chef and even French macarons!

These courses are fun, interactive, & informative, and most importantly LIVE. No more just watching a cooking demo on YouTube or your TV, join our chefs from your kitchen and partake on a culinary journey from the comfort of your home. Our chefs will guide you every step of the way to make this exciting new way of sharing our love of food with you. And for those who want something tailor-made or are looking for an exciting way to bring distant family and friends together or to score points at the office with a unique team-building activity, we are happy to offer you our Private online cooking classes.

LIVE & Interactive

Our virtual classes are LIVE and interactive. But if you’re not sure you’ll have time to join us: We offer classes running from 1 day to multiple days depending on the course content. You can also participate LIVE or sign up to reserve the recorded Zoom video for later use.


Private Sessions – Private Online Cooking Classes

Take part in private online cooking classes with friends & family. We’re bringing great cooking experiences straight into your home kitchen through an interactive online cooking class. Cook along with your chef, ask questions, and enjoy!

€400.00 | for up to 10 households

Le Pain (Bread) – 2-Day Online Bread Baking Classes

A 2-day virtual bread baking course taught by chef Eric. Master the art of bread baking from the comfort of your home kitchen. A bread-baking course for all lovers of great, homemade bread. Come bake delicious bread with us!

120€ / person for 2 days

Les Pâtés et Terrines – Online charcuterie classes

An online Pâte & Terrine course for charcuterie lovers. Interactive, relaxed, & hands-on cooking with Chef Eric as your guide. You’ll learn to prepare a variety of pâtés and terrines from start to finish – Vegetable, Meat, & Fish-based.

60€ /person

A Taste of Spain – Online Spanish Cooking Classes

Are you ready a bit of Olé? We’re taking you to Spain! Say hello to our online Spanish cooking class. A taste of Spanish cuisine beyond tapas. Prepare a delicious 3-course meal. LIVE, interaction, & fun. Come taste with us!

60€ /person

Learn French Mother Sauces – Online Cooking Classes

A great sauce starts with a great stock. Come join us for this unique online Sauce Making class where we will help you perfect your sauce making from stock to finish. With the base of the French mother sauces as your building blocks, the options are countless.


French Bistro – Online Cooking Classes

Come discover our French bistro menus during one of our Online French cooking classes LIVE from France. A 2-hour class where we’ll guide you through your lunch or dinner menu with French bistro classics taught by our chefs.


Macaron Gâteau – Learn to Make Macarons Online

An online macaron baking class, LIVE from France. Join our pastry chef and learn to make macarons from the comfort of your home kitchen. We’ll make a large macaron gâteau and small bite-size macarons to decorate it with. A tasty bite of France.

60€ /person

French Desserts – Online French Tart Classes

Perfect your French tart baking skills. Master French pie & tart doughs selected for their fillings as much as for their tastes. Learn the classic French tart recipes that you’ve seen in French pastry shop windows. Online and from your home kitchen.


French Desserts – Choux Pastry Online Classes

Learn this versatile French pastry dough recipe and some of the sweet ways you can enjoy it. This is the same dough and technique needed to make éclairs, chouquettes, gougères, & more. Perfect your skills in this introduction to choux pastry dough.

60€ /person

French Desserts – Classics French Desserts Online

An online French desserts class from our Paris kitchen. Join our pastry chef for a classic French desserts class online. Learn to make boutique worthy French desserts all in the comfort of your home kitchen. Expert instruction for a hands on experience.

60€ /person

French Desserts – Gluten-Free Online Cooking Classes

An online Gluten-Free French desserts class from our Paris kitchen. Yes, you can enjoy French desserts without the worry of wheat flour. Discover the classic and modern French desserts that are a gluten-free dream come true. You’ll be in French dessert heaven.

60€ /person

About our Virtual Cooking Classes

All our virtual cooking classes are run on Zoom. We’ll provide you with the recipes, the shopping lists, and some tech advice to get you geared up and ready to chop, mix, & bake all from the comfort of your own home kitchen. And who knows?

Prices are for the full class and per participant. A participant refers to one computer connection or household. You could be multiple people on the same computer but we prefer you limit the numbers to 1-2 people max if you can. This is so that you can enjoy the experience fully and so we can provide you with focused interaction.

Consider privatizing a virtual cooking lesson: If you don’t see a time that suits your schedule, why not take this class as a private lesson. We can customize a lesson for you and your friends. Find out more about our private lessons here

See you online!

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