Mediterranean Cooking Classes

Maybe you’ve heard – Mediterranean cooking has many health benefits, with the use of olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and multiple herbs both fresh and dried. This is the focus of our French cooking school in Provence. At Cook’n with Class Uzès we bring you the best of the Mediterranean and more.

If you are interested in Mediterranean cooking classes you have come to the right place. In our Mediterranean cooking classes we will be using: Olive oil, garlic, onion, tomato & bell peppers, figs, lemons, oranges & peaches. Mediterranean cooking is a healthy cooking. Our Mediterranean cooking classes will focus on simple cooking technics even if that does not always mean short cooking times.

Mediterranean cooking classes could focus on the cuisine of any of the various countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. The Provencal Cuisine of France is part of Mediterranean cooking. As we are located in the South of France, our Mediterranean cooking classes are based on French Mediterranean cuisine.

You may be considering a Mediterranean cooking class because you are looking to learn dishes that have known health benefits or you may be interested in Mediterranean cooking classes because you are looking for simple ways to use the products that you are already quite familiar with.

Our Mediterranean cooking classes at Cook’n with Class Uzès use seasonal products cooked simply to ensure that the flavor of the product is exactly what we are looking for. Our Mediterranean cooking classes in the Summer may include dishes such such as the Pissaladière (the Provencal answer to the Italian pizza and an anchovy lover’s dream) or a Salade Niçoise.

In the Winter your French Mediterranean cooking classes could include heartier dishes such as the Gardianne de Taureau (a Carmarguese stew made from bull meat). You can of course enjoy a Gardianne in Summer since the ingredients making up this dish are available almost year-round but each season typically has its dish.

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